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Cassava Equipment

Cassava Equipment
An overview of the unique Agroindus system for fresh cassava into fine products for human comsumption animal feed (with option of pellets)

In the specific field of cassava processing,established Agroindus products such as - driers,grinders,pelleting presses etc have been augmented by specially designed machine to complete the process line for:pellets,dry chips,flour,gari,starch and ethanol etc. Agroindus products and systems are manufactured to the highest standards for efficiency of operation, durability and long operating life.

  • Farm Machinisation - a wide range of machinery for land preparation(ploughs,harrows,ridgers),also planters and harvesters.

  • Peeling/washing/chipping - of the cassava root for all processes.

  • Drying - batch or continuous drying systems available for cassava chips.

  • Grinding/pelleting - converting dried chips into pellets for convenient exportation.

  • Grinding/sifthing - for cassava flour.

  • Grating/fermenting/pressing/defibration/crumbling/cooking - for the complete gari production process.

  • Extracting/separating/dehumidifing - for cassava starch production.

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Download PDF Catalog
Download PDF Catalog


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