Happy New Year 2018
Happy New Year 2018 from Agro-Indus

We would like to convey our utmost appreciation for your continued support
and take this opportunity to with you & your family.


Kindly be informed that our office will be closed for Hari Raya from
5th July (Tuesday) until 11th July (Monday) 2016

We will resume our business as usual on 12th july (Tuesday) 2016


From the Management & Staff of
Agro-Industrial Supplies (M) Sdn. Bhd.


Agro-Indus is going to see you in Cambodia Rice Forum
Fuji-Ace The World Leading Robot Palletiser
Fuji Yusoki have been developing, supplying and improving palletising technology for almost 40 years. Our experience, sharp focus and dedication to the palletising industry have positioned Fuji Yusoki to provide the best possible solutions for all your palletising needs.
Lauching New Range of TOYO-AGRO Rice Processing Solution (Jan 2012)
Lauching New Range of TOYO-AGRO Rice Processing Solution (By End of Jan 2012) As the year of 2012 is approaching, AGRO-INDUS is proud to launch our new range of TOYO-AGRO Rice Processing & Packaging Solution to all our valuable customers. For High-Tech Rice Milling to Processing to Packaging Needs @ Attractive Prices. From The Management of AGRO-INDUS Group.
AGRO-INDUS Group is the Winners of the 2nd Top 50 Enterprise Awards (Gold Awards Winner)
PUMM TOP 50 Enterprise Award, won by AGRO-INDUS Group. Speech by Y.A.B TUAN LIM GUANG ENG The Right Honorable Chief Minister of Penang in PUMM 50 Enterprise Award on 26-11-2011 1- Entrepreneurship has long been playing significant roles in the development of Penang. Since the early days of rubber and tin export to the rise of manufacturing in the 20th century, right up until today’s economy of commerce, industry, tourism and agriculture High-tech industry, entrepreneurship has been the heartbeat of the state’s economy prowess. 2- Recent years have seen our beloved Penang on a graceful rise again. The State has proudly announced its lion’s share of foreign investments (RM12.2 billion) coming out tops in Malaysia last year for the first time ever and its economy grew 8.1 per cent, compared with 7.2 per cent for the entire country. 3- This new economic climate of encouraging entrepreneurship is facilitated by the state government’s CAT governance of competency, accountability and transparency as well as integrity in leadership and open tenders. 4- New government policies have seen many positive developments. Last year and this year Penang continues to top in FDIs. With Georgetown as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, tourism has also increased to a record 3rd highest number of tourists. Penang contributes two-thirds of the country’s earnings in medical tourism. 5- Penang’s renewed success, especially in terms of economy, also means great openings for new business ventures as well as a launching pad for those who wish to plunge into entrepreneurships. Persatuan Usahawan Maju Malaysia is indeed a platform to cultivate budding entrepreneurs, a pillar that holds the future of Penang’s development and ultimately a catalyst for the nation’s economic growth. 6- I would like to extend my congratulations all the Winners of the 2nd Top 50 Enterprise Awards. It is indeed an outstanding group, the cream of the crop in Malaysia’s market. Well done to PUMM Penang too for introducing the Green Award, as it shows the Organization does not only care for the business world but also support Penang efforts to be cleaner, greener and safer. 7- Thank you.
Cassava / Tapioca Chip Drying Solution
Looking for solution of drying cassava / tapioca chips? As the pioneer of drying equipment, AGRO-INDUS has the solution for you. Please fill up the enquiry form in the Contact Us page or call us today.
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Coming Soon: Latest Model of MAP-1500
AGRO-INDUS Most Forefront Automatic Grain Packing Machine. Stay Tuned!
AGRO-INDUS is going to meet you in India!

Hi everyone!

AGRO-INDUS is participating in ISRMEX India 2010, an exhibition organized by Pixie Consulting Solutions Ltd.

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