In AGRO-INDUS, quality & professionalism comes first. We focus on quality issues for its agricultural and industrial products, therefore uses advanced CNC punching machines, CNC bending machines and the latest advance 3D CAD software for both engineering design from analysis to finish system. From sales division to engineering division, from project division to manufacturing to QC & logistics, every division is well organized and linked systematically, in order to offer our value customers the best quality service.

Our technically competence & well experienced QA personnel always ensure that all parts & products are being manufactured to meet the highest standard. The responsibility for the production parts and for the maintenance of the machining facilities is not divided amongst different teams or people. Instead, members of disciplined & self-directed teams under the guidance of a technical leader, who are accountable for all aspects of machine operation and maintenance, product quality and tool management.

At AGRO-INDUS, our people is our asset, training is consistently given to our workforce, making the company more productive and to give customer better service. At AGRO-INDUS, we want to serve our customer the very best.

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