Happy New Year 2018
Happy New Year 2018 from Agro-Indus
We would like to convey our utmost appreciation for your continued support and take this opportunity to with you & your family. SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI 2016
Agro-Indus is going to see you in Cambodia Rice Forum
Are you looking for Modern Technology of Drying & Milling? Agro-Indus is going to see you in Cambodia Rice Forum start from Oct 01 - Oct 02, 2012
Fuji-Ace The World Leading Robot Palletiser
AGRO-INDUS is now supplier of the World's No.1 Robot Palletiser! Call us now to find out more.
Lauching New Range of TOYO-AGRO Rice Processing Solution (Jan 2012)
Stay Tune to... 2012 TOYO-AGRO Latest Range of Products for Modern Rice Milling, Processing & Packaging Solution
AGRO-INDUS Group is the Winners of the 2nd Top 50 Enterprise Awards (Gold Awards Winner)
Yes! We are the winner of Malaysia PUMM Top 50 Enterprise Awards Winner! As an enterprise that has contributed to the economical growth of the nation by introducing innovative technologies to both Malaysia and many countries of the world.
Cassava / Tapioca Chip Drying Solution
Looking for solution of drying cassava / tapioca chips? As the pioneer of drying equipment, AGRO-INDUS has the solution for you.
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Welcome to AGRO-INDUS.

Since the year 1981, AGRO-INDUS is determined to serve the world's Post-Harvest industry as the leading supplier of choice, manufacturer & exporter of Grain Drying & Handling, Rice Processing & Packaging, as well as Alternative Energy Solution.

AGRO-INDUS innovative solutions have benefited many industries, particularly rice, corn, groundnut, coffee, soybean, pulses, cassava and etc. We also manufacture top quality drying equipment for industry like rubber gloves.

AGRO-INDUS people are dedicated to turning innovative ideas into exceptional products and services that provide solutions to many of our customers’ toughest problems.


Cassava Equipment


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